Friday, June 12, 2009

You Got Served


I just got handed a ticket for speeding in the theatre van when I was visiting a school the other day. Apparently a camera caught me going 41 in a 30. Don't worry Dad, no points will be assigned. I just owe 50 bucks to the District of Columbia.

Ironically, the guy who handed me the ticket was the same one who decided that apprentices should not be allowed to have second jobs after he'd been signing my telemarketing checks for four months. He thought the whole thing was pretty funny.

Sometimes I wish I had a dartboard of his face.

In other news, my supervisor just passed along this interview with John Krasinski. I must admit, I'm mildly cheered up.

But I'm still out 50 dollars. And I still have to stay at work until 8:30 on a Friday.


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