Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Ok, so lately I have been stinking it up as a blogger.

Life has been CRAZY busy but in a good good way. Here are the bullet points:

-My internship at Seattle Children's Theatre has been AMAZING! I get to go to work every day and play pretend with adorable kids. For example, in last week's classes I was a pirate named Captain Sassypants McGee and I made the kids all talk like pirates for the day. I've assisted on drama classes with kids from ages four to twenty and have loved every minute of it. Now, if only I could find a way to make more than 120 bucks a week doing this...

-At long last, it's sunny in Seattle! While the rest of you have been sweating your faces off in the hot hot heat, we've had highs of 75-80, cool breezes, and sunshine until 8:30 every night. All winter, people told me that the summers here would totally make the awful weather the other nine months out of the year worth it, and, while I'm still not entirely convinced, I must admit, I wouldn't hate a few more summers like this.

-With summer weather has come amazing summer adventures. My cousin visited this past week and we had a blast seeing all the sights. We made a trip to Vancouver. We kayaked on Lake Union. We almost got hit in the face by a fish at Pike Place. We were wined and dined by a kindof big deal Seattle chef. It's been a good week. And this weekend, I'm headed to Mt. Rainier National Park with some of my favorite interns. Woo hoo!

-Despite the lack of fireflies (which you ALL know I'm still bitter about), it turns out summer nights in Seattle aren't so bad, after all (no fireflies = no mosquitoes, for one). I shouldn't go into detail about my evening escapades here, but know that I recently managed to find good ways to fight the chill in the night air. (Um.. new, cute sweaters, obviously! Get your minds out of the gutter, people!)

-Finally, I feel like I've hit my stride in Seattle. Of course, I may very well be singing a different tune in October when it's raining again and I still don't have a job or a boyfriend or any family anywhere nearby. But for now, I love this city and I love my life. I have made some wonderful and FUN friends here, and though I'm still a long way from being where I want to be career-wise (in an income bracket that doesn't qualify me for government assistance, for starters) I'm definitely starting to make a lot of connections with other teaching artists and theatres where I see good potential for at least another year (Possibly more? Who knows?) of life and work here.

I'll work on posting pictures from my adventures soon. But for now, this shot of the view from the SCT west patio will have to do... (have I mentioned that I'm loving my summer??)