Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SOTD: "God Made the Automobile" by Iron and Wine

Why it's SOTD:

In light of last night's post about GM, it's just too perfect a choice.

"God made the automobile to pass all the pretty girls
The smoke by the side of the road, the blues lovin' boys in tow
To drive to the end of the day and bow to a borrowed flag
To ride all the brave and the blind, and men without men in mind

To pass all the things He made and then never bothered to name
And no one will tell the truth, and no one will hide it from you
Like birds around the grave "

I think there is some truth in those lines today, for sure.

Why you should love it:

Well, the YouTube version is just Sam Beam and his guitar, which i am NEVER opposed to, but it is a lot slower and generally less musically interesting than the version that is track 14 on Around the Well, Iron & Wine's new CD. The cd version has some light percussion and really beautiful harmonies that are missing here. So, if you're an I&W fan at all or if you like folksy acoustic music, I highly recommend downloading the track. Or better yet, buy the whole CD, which is a collection of tracks recorded and previously cut from other projects. (Read the review here) I've been listening to it all week and love it!

Just a spot of personal history: I first discovered Iron and Wine my freshman year of college, when one of my high school friends brought their CD on a ski trip one weekend. We built a fire and played it on repeat all night. I've been hooked ever since.

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