Monday, June 8, 2009

SOTD: Madeline Peyroux, "Instead"

Why it's song of the day:

I don't know anyone who would argue with the fact that Mondays suck. It's just that. A fact. (except for next year, when I'll have Mondays off, but that's beside the point..) Hopefully, this song will turn your Monday around.

"Instead of feelin’ bad, be glad you’ve got somewhere to go
Instead of feelin’ sad, be happy you’re not all alone
Instead of feelin’ low, get high on everything that you love
Instead of wastin’ time, feel good ’bout what you’re dreamin’ of.

Instead of tryin’ to win something you never understood
Just play the game you know, eventually you’ll love her good
It’s silly to pretend that you have something you don’t own
Just let her be your woman and you’ll be her man…

Instead of feelin’ broke, buck up and get yourself in the black
Instead of losin’ hope, touch up the things that feel out of whack
Instead of bein’ old, be young because you know you are
Instead of feelin’ cold, let sunshine into your heart."

Why you should love it:

With a voice that's been compared to Billie Holiday, Peyroux is the reigning queen of American jazz. Love her. Love this song.

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