Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SOTD: Queen and David Bowie, "Pressure"

Why it's SOTD:

I have three pieces left to write for this performance guide I'm working on. And they're due Friday. Preferably Thursday. Basically, three pieces of academic writing. And I work in an open office. With people who are loud. And I have ADD. And am a major perfectionist and can't allow myself to turn work in that I know is not 100 percent right.

 And I've just been told that I am supposed to spend half of every day working in our ticketing database seating subscribers. By the same guy who took away my part-time job and handed me the speeding ticket the other day.

If I believed in re-incarnation, I would believe he was Pharoah. But that's another song for another day.

The point is.. I'm under pressure here and trying real hard to curb the ADD, so I probably won't be posting for the next few days. Try not to be too disappointed.

Why you should love it:

I think we've been over this... Queen? David Bowie? What's not to love?

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