Monday, June 29, 2009

SOTD: Michael Jackson, "Will You Be There"

Why it's song of the day:

From the day I began posting the SOTD, I had been planning last Friday's song. To commemorate the final day at my miserable apprenticeship, I needed a song that would perfectly encapsulate all of the joy I had about leaving. "Free At Last," for example. "Freedom" by Aretha Franklin, or "Nah Nah Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)," by Steam, perhaps. Or maybe something new and hip, i.e. "Leavin" by Jesse McCartney (don't you dare judge me). 

A world of possibilities came to mind. And then.. I had to actually finish my job, clean out my desk, and, oh yeah, move out of my apartment. So I didn't have time to post.

Also, Michael Jackson died (just in case you hadn't heard), which threw another wrench into the perfect SOTD equation. How do I pay homage to the king of pop while still celebrating my freedom from indentured servitude?

But then, as I was diving through the waves in the Outer Banks this weekend, it came to me.

"Will You be There" may be one of MJ's lesser known tunes, but if you grew up in the 90's you will recall it as the theme song from Free Willy.

I do realize that in this song choice I am likening myself to an orca whale... but let's face it, our stories aren't so different. Like Willy, I am finally free. Free from my tank and free from the abusive villains who just wanted me around to exploit my beauty and ability to do sweet tricks. With them, I only knew the confines of my captivity, but now there is an ocean of opportunity before me. 

Also, I've put on some weight this year, so I make a pretty big splash when I hit the ocean.

Why you should love it:

Michael is gone. To not love this song is to spit on his grave. 

Also, I'm pretty sure that if you dislike this song you must also hate nature and endangered species. 

Show some respect, people.

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