Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SOTD: Queen, "I Want to Break Free"

Why it's song of the day:

1. Yesterday, I turned in my notice. On June 26, I am OFICIALLY breaking free! Hooray!

2. It's gay pride week. And my neighborhood is officially rainbowed out! Flags, streamers, you name it-- 17th street is colorful this week. So who better to celebrate with than the "Queen" himself- Freddy Mercury. Just watch the video. It doesn't get much gayer than this.

True story: when I studied in London, the closest tube station was Tottenham, which let off just in front of the west-end theatre where We Will Rock You, the Queen tribute musical, was housed. For the first few weeks, the way I'd find my way home in the city was by locating the giant gold statue of Freddy Mercury on the theatre's awning. And.. i'm not ashamed to admit this. I paid 20 pounds to see the show before I left. True, the critics panned it. I'll admit the plot was absolutely ridiculous (It's the year 2302 and rock music has been banned, but Galileo Figaro and his friend Scaramouche save the day when they rediscover and sing the music of Queen-- I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried). BUT for a die-hard Queen fan like myself, an hour and a half of Broadway voices belting Queen songs was worth every quid. Judge if you must.

Why you should love it:

Um, because if you don't you probably have no soul. I find it hard to trust anyone who doesn't like Queen.

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  1. I knew there was a reason we were such good friends.