Monday, June 22, 2009

SOTD: Little Texas, "God Bless Texas"

Why it's song of the day:

A few weeks ago, my acting teacher approached me about helping out with some dramaturgical research on a Capital Fringe Festival show she is a part of. As it turns out, the play is about Texas, Elvis, rodeo, and seeing Jesus-- how could I say no to that??

So yesterday, armed with a slew of research, I attended a rehearsal and shared with the actors, director, and stage manager all the information I could find about ranching, rodeo, and religion in Texas. Did you know that there is an organization called the Texian Christian Writers whose sole purpose is to record and spread "the providential history of Texas" to the world? I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. (Note the fact that they make a "God and Texas" coloring book. Crucial.)

Here's the shameless plug: Riding the Bull is going to be great. And if you live in DC, you shouldn't miss it. So check out the website, get your tickets, and GO. You won't regret it.

Why you should love it:

Yes, it has its stereotypes. And its residents probably have an inordinate ammount of state pride. But the fact is undeniable: Texas is a special place. My daddy came from there, and so did tex-mex, cowboy boots, line dancing, and Friday Night Lights. So why not love it? God does. ;)

"First He lit sunshine
Then He made the waters deep
Then He gave us moonlight
For all the world to see
Well everybody knows that the Lord works in mysterious ways
He took a rest then on the very next day

God blessed Texas with His own hand
Brought down angels from the promised land
Gave 'em a place where they could dance
If you wanna see heaven brother here's your chance
I've been sent to spread the message
God blessed Texas"


  1. Oh Dillon, TX....if only you were real and I could go visit Tim Riggins...

  2. In season 3 episode 12-- the episode that ends with that amazing shot of Riggins leaving his cleats on the field (which I watched again last night, fyi) it occured to me.

    Tim Riggins is Jordan Catalano. Same hair. Same Jacket. Same 'Tude.

    Think about it.