Saturday, September 5, 2009

SOTD: Theresa Ryan, "Like a Man"

Today is the first day of college football season.

In our house, that means one thing: For the next five months, there will only be one thing on tv.

So far today, my brothers and dad have watched football for 12 straight hours.

The crazy thing is... I might actually miss this when I leave.

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  1. Hey I just saw your comment on my blog. My advice for Seattle: explore as many neighborhoods as you can. Ride the bus around (you see the city and it's people watching at it's best). Eat at Paseo on Fremont Ave between 42nd and 44th St. Mexican food is not that good in Seattle, but everything else is delicious. My favorite Mexican food though was in Fauntleroy in West Seattle--Guadalajara.

    Where are you living and what are you doing out there?