Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The County Fair!

I would be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn't put up these awesome pictures from my adventure to the Chesterfield county fair. Would you believe that until last night this southern born & bred lady had never even been to a fair before!? Oh my. With all the fried food and po-dunk fun, this little piggy was in HOG HEAVEN. My thighs are lucky I'm getting out of dodge before the Virginia state fair rolls into town.

What to do while you're waiting for the pig race to start? Eat some pork sausage. Obviously.

SOOOOEEEY! (That's a pig call, apparently)

The ferris wheel was really exciting for our friend Richard.

And also for Emily. (I think I just look kinda nervous.)

What's that you, ask? Why only the most delectable 2000 calorie snack around. A fried candy bar, duh.

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