Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Plains

On Wednesday, mom and I spent the night in Harrisonville, Missouri with family friends Mark and Vicky.

Knowing that I wanted to try some Kansas City Barbecue, they took us for a FEAST the night before at their favorite local place, Oden's.

Note: if you are ever in the Kansas City area and need to feed a football team, a yeti, or a slew of hungry truckers, order the family platter at Oden's. But if you're a party of four, your eyes may just be bigger than your head. Holy cow (literally--except for the ribs, it's all beef), I'm getting the meat sweats just thinking about that much food again!

A quick anecdote from the barbecue experience: Our waitress at Oden's has worked there for 22 years. Naturally, we took all of her recommendations when it came time to select our meats and sides, and naturally, we were not dissapointed. When she finished taking our order, she smiled and said "trust me," and then pointed at her rotund rear end, "I didn't get this way just snacking."

At 8 am the next morning, mom and I dragged our own barbecue bloated butts out of bed (hey there, alliteration) and hit the road: nine and a half hours through Kansas and West Colorado to Colorado Springs. Mostly, save for a few windmills here and there, the scenery looked like this:

Finally, at about 5pm, we started to hit some hills. And a few miles later, through our bug-stained windshield, we caught our first glimpse of The Rockies.

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