Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An addendum...

I have just been informed about Kanye's "incident" this week at the VMAs.

Let it be known that I think Kanye is an idiot. BUT. Homecoming is a great song. So the SOTD choice stands. No mea culpa here.

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  1. Sarah! I hope this posts! I read your blog like everyday :) Very entertaining and it makes me soo homesick/nostalgic for my trip across country with seth to CO this summer! Oh yes nothing but open road and exciting 75mph speed limits all through MO-KS :)/:/ lol. I envy your adventure to independence on the west coast! I think you'll really fit in/like it a lot out there, course I say this only from a hunch because I have not been out there yet myself but have always wanted to go. Your headshots look hott. You are hott. :) also i miss you and sorry never got to catch up with you before you took your journey. (oh and I too fell for the loser with the guitar and I still listen to his music :) hehe. Are you going through St. Louis?? You have to stop and see the arch! pretty neat. have to get a turquoise something when you're in the mid-west, favorite tokens of mine :) I trully am happy for you Sarah! I might start a blog and will let you know when I do :) I'm thinking about getting into the Wedding Planner industry... fun fun. Things with bf are still good, living at home and saving money working at good ol' Lowes for now and acting for my churches children's services for now...happy. and hope you are and will be too in your new home :).

    love ya.~Bk