Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to Seattle Again

After three weeks with the family in Virginia, I'm headed back to Seattle tomorrow.

Truth be told, I've been a mess for most of this trip as I've fought with all of the ideas in my head about home and life and transition and work and purpose. That said, I feel so blessed to have had this time to sort through such big questions with the people who know me best.

I can't say that I'm any less confused now than I was three weeks ago. But I guess the best lesson I've learned is that no matter how confusing and scary life may get, the best you can do is to be thankful for where you are, know that there's more life to be lived, and enjoy the memories you get to make while trying to sort through the rest.

And what great memories I'm taking back from this trip!

I watched my little brother graduate from high school.
I went fishing with my middle brother (and caught four fish!).
I visited with my grandparents.
I took a trip to Staunton and saw one of my dear friends in a play at the Blackfriars.
I went to a rave in a PODS warehouse.
I got caught in a thunderstorm.
I caught a few fireflies.
I ate at Chic Fil A (too many times).
I attended a wedding shower for one of my favorite college girlfriends.
I caught up with lots of good friends.
I visited all of my favorite people and spots in DC.
I worked on my tan.
I read three books.
I napped in our hammock and ate almost every meal on the back deck.

Now... back to the west, where there's a summer of memories left to be made!!

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  1. Sarah, you keep on keepin on girl! Im so glad to see that you had a great trip home- theres no place like home that's for sure!
    love claire xo