Monday, November 23, 2009

Song of the Day: Sufjan Stevens, "Put the Lights on the Tree"

Every year, I take a rather staunch stance on Christmas music. Though it's impossible to shield myself from the barrage of jingly cheer that flies in my face (and ears) every time I visit any sort of shopping center, I do my best to resist listening to any of my holiday favorites until the weekend after Thanksgiving. "Christmas Abstinence," I call it. It's just better when you wait.

This year, though, as much as I hate to admit it... I've been a bit of a Christmas whore. I haven't gone all the way yet... no Christmas movies, no decorations.. but I've had more than a few flings with some choice carols. Christmas is feeling me up, and I'm not stopping him.

One of my absolute holiday favorites is Sufjan Stevens. After three years of buying one song at a time for my Christmas mix (soon to be mailed, if you're one of the lucky few!), I finally bit the bullet and bought his 3 disc collection "Songs for Christmas" (buy it immediately-- you will not regret it). Unfortunately, I forgot to change the mailing address on my amazon account. So instead of showing up here, it arrived at my parents' house this weekend. Accident? Maybe. But I think someone up there doesn't want me to lose my Christmas virginity just yet.

But, c'mon! With songs like this one ringing in the advent season, who can blame me for trying?

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  1. ahh! love this! just bought it on itunes for $15.99... been looking for a new xmas album (currently been playing yoyoma's christmas album nonstop)...!! thanks! happy thanksgiving!