Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Song of the Day: Kanye West, "The New Workout Plan"

Parental (and grandparental) advisory warning. This song is filthy. But also great to do sit-ups to. Listen at your own risk.

So in an effort to not get fat and crabby this winter, I got myself a gym membership.

In typical west coast fashion, my gym is called "Om." and its motto is "tone your body, calm your mind." Very zen.

The truth is, I had ulterior motives. For one, attractive men usually hang out at gyms. Of course, since I have overactive sweat glands and generally soak through any and all clothing I wear for workouts, I'm not planning to actually talk to any of these specimens (also, cute boys make me sweat even more than workouts do... so there you have it), but, as someone who works in a field completely dominated by women and gay men, it's nice to breathe in a little testosterone every once in a while..

Also, the gym has really nice, warm showers. And since my apartment is a renovated attic and I can't stand in my leaky, cold drip of a shower without touching my head to the ceiling, the promise of a warm shower after working out was pretty enticing.

But lo and behold, despite my entirely superficial reasons for joining, I'm actually kinda enjoying working out (wha!!?). The gym has great equipment and pretty fun classes, and apparently workout-induced endorphins are pretty addictive-- who knew?

And get this-- this morning, determined to not let the time change get the best of me I went to spinning and yoga. At 6am.

Let me repeat that. I, who spent my summer not working and sleeping until noon, took a workout class at 6am. Which means I had to wake up at 5:15 to get ready and out the door on time.

You know the crazy thing? I'm still awake. And I feel amazing. Refreshed. And kinda Sexy.

Who knows, next time you run into me, my mom-butt may look more like buns of steel.

But then again, that may just be the new pair of Spanx I bought at Nordstrom Rack this weekend...

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  1. How could no one have posted a comment on this one! Wish I was there to take exercise classes with you (later in the day) since I am not as brave as you - I won't go alone. Geez girl. Miss you.