Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm thankful...

For a warm apartment in a cold city.
For moments of joy on gloomy grey days.
For the chance to get by all on my own.
And the grace to know that if I can't, I'm still loved.

For work that I love with people who make me laugh.
For a family in good health, even if miles away.
For video chats with a room full of familiar faces.
For morning phone calls with friends on their lunch breaks.
For east coast night shift sleep schedules.

For rainboots.
For gore-tex.
For thrift stores.
For crock pots.
For bookstores.
For lattes.
For officially being able to listen to Christmas music.

For snowglobes.
For peppermint.
For twinkle lights.
And casseroles that remind me of home.

For the start of the advent season.
For the abundant love of Christ.

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