Monday, October 31, 2011

Mosey on down to Moseley

Welp. I made it. A week ago today, I landed at my parents lovely abode in Moseley, VA.

I know what you're thinking. "Wait a second, Sarah. Weren't you moving to Richmond? Where the heck is Moseley?" I'm so glad you asked. Moseley is a sweet little suburb on the edge of Chesterfield County-- about 25 miles from the city of Richmond and at least 20 miles from any trace of civilization.

Now, to be fair, I should clarify my rather subjective use of the word civilization. In terms of "modern conveniences," Moseley has plenty to offer. Wal-Mart, for example, is just a hop skip and a jump away, as is a lovely selection of chain restaurants, superstores, and strip malls. And honestly, the people here are wonderful (heck, the majority of my blog readers are my mom's friends-- shout outs to Beth & Mary!). Plus rent is as cheap (er, free) as it gets. But being that I'm over the age of 17, under the age of 40, and single with a penchant for fancy food, craft beer, and live arts experiences beyond high school show chior competitions-- the 'burbs aren't exactly my scene anymore.

Unfortunately, the fact that I just spent any and all money I'd managed to save in the last two years touring the country for a month necessitates an extended stay in Moseley. So I'm gonna suck it up, enjoy my free time (while still keeping an eye on job opportunities, of course), and get used to the extra gas and mileage required to reconnect with my friends on the other side of the river.

But if you happen to know someone who wants to give me a free room in the city of Richmond, just say the word...

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