Friday, May 21, 2010

Next Stop: Oregon!

Ever since last summer, I haven't quite been able to shake the road trip bug. But now that I finally have a few weeks off, I'm happy to report that I'm hitting the road again. Tomorrow, my friend Antoinette and I embark on a week-long trip down to Oregon!

Here's what we've got planned:

Saturday, May 22: Portland
Since Portland is a pretty easy day/weekend trip from Seattle, we're not spending a ton of time here. We actually won't arrive until late afternoon on Saturday. Just in time to take on a brewery crawl (we'll take the downtown route) through the neighborhoods near our hostel. Holler.

Sunday, May 23: Mt Hood/Bend
From Portland, we'll head east to Mt Hood by way of the Columbia River gorge (Oregon Trail, anyone???) following this brilliant route from National Geographic Traveler then head south to beautiful Bend just in time for dinner and a soak in the soaking pool at McMenamins.

Monday, May 24: Bend to Ashland via Crater Lake National Park
National Parks Rock. And this is the only one in Oregon. Enough Said.

Tuesday, May 25: Ashland/Oregon Shakespeare Festival
It pays to know people. Or to know people who know people. Either way, we've got two tickets to a 2 pm matinee Pride and Prejudice at OSF. Though I've never read the book (I know, I know), I watched the whole 6 hour BBC version this year and swooned the whole time.

Wednesday, May 26: Grants Pass to Newport
After taking our time driving up the west coast (my first visit to the Pacific!!), we're crashing at this adorable (or maybe slightly terrifying, the jury is still out with some) seaside hotel in Newport. Rooms named after famous authors and free breakfast for 70 bucks a night?? yes, please!

Thursday, May 27: Seaside
We'll continue on the 101, stopping, of course, in Tilamook for cheese and ice cream, and generally just enjoying the ocean views and little towns until we finally arrive at our final destination for the day: my grandmother's friend's cottage.

Friday, May 28: Home, via the Bainbridge ferry.
I have been living next to the Puget sound for 9 months now and I've yet to ride on a ferry. Seems like the perfect end to a great trip, to me.

All told, it should look something like this:

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  1. You are at the OSF today :) I couldn't be anymore jealous of everything about your trip! Can't wait for pictures!!

  2. I hope you're having a marvelous time! If I read this correctly, it sounds like you're by the coast today. I am thoroughly jealous! Eat some cheese for me :)