Saturday, January 30, 2010

Recipe for the best birthday weekend ever:

1. Arrive home from possibly the greatest Karaoke night in history (when it ends with two gay men belting "Defying Gravity" you know it's good).

2. Open mailbox to discover a package from best friend.

3. Open package to discover an anthology of poems by John Donne!! (Yes, I am aware that my passion for metaphysical poetry qualifies me as a complete nerd)

4. Sit around in pajamas reading sonnets for half of the day Saturday.

5. Go out for barbecue and beer with the coolest girls in town (If I had to choose between barbecue and John Donne, I don't think I could do it. I have mildly erotic dreams about pulled pork sandwiches sometimes.)

6. Dance all night.

7. Stumble home with the girls for a sleepover!!! (Yes, I'm turning 24, not 13... but let's get real. Slumber parties never get old.)


  1. yayay!

    what perfect timing, i'm so glad you liked it!!

    hope to talk to you soon! i'll try to call you tomorrow maybe?

    luh ya.

  2. Oh my friend...your life sounds so fun! Any birthday that involves Defying Gravity and bbq and beer is a good one!