Monday, May 9, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Part of growing up is making decisions. Big, confusing, hard decisions. Like where to live and what to commit forty hours of your week to.

I hate deciding things. Decision making is a roller coaster of emotion. But it's a ride I have to take if I want to be an adult. Usually my process goes something like this:

Step one: feel like my life has no direction. cry a lot.

Step two: decide to do something about it.

Step three: tell everyone what I'm doing about it.

Step four: second guess "do something" plan. cry a lot.

Step five: regret telling everyone my plan.

Step six: epiphany: God's plans might be better than mine, and who cares if everyone else thinks I'm indecisive and confused. Jesus loves me. and his opinion matters most.

Step seven: make new plan.

Step 8: trust Jesus with new plan. cry a lot.


  1. Just make sure you stay hydrated.

  2. Step 9: Realize that other people can relate. Cry a lot.