Friday, December 17, 2010


I’m sitting in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport at 5:30 AM. Starbucks isn’t open yet and I can’t find an internet hotspot anywhere. I've just gotten some of the worst sleep of my life, tossing and turning through a red eye flight. And strangely, for the first time in a very long while.. I can actually focus on some of the thoughts that have been bubbling in my head lately.

I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I turn 25 next month. I don't have a steady job. I'm beyond single (and a half dozen of my best friends are getting married this year). My family and friends are strewn across the country. A quarter-life crisis seems like a completely reasonable turn for my life to take, right?

The truth is, I miss JMU. I miss being on the same page with all of my friends and not feeling inadequate because I didn't move to the big city they moved to or because I didn't go the traditional route with my career or because I haven't met "the one." I miss constant socialization. Salsa nights. Dhall dinners. Football games. And honestly, I miss studying. The library. Having books to read (even if I never finished most of them) and, better yet, papers to write (because I'm a dork like that).

But I'm not in college anymore. So I need to figure out how to rejoice in the life I have now.

So, since the new year is almost upon us, I've written up a list of resolutions. I have discovered this year that for me to reach my creative potential, I need structure, goals, and planning. I hope this is a start.

-Start every day by reading a psalm aloud.

-Set some "office hours" every week in which I get out of my bed, walk across the street to my neighborhood coffee shop, and write lesson plans, answer e-mails, read, and journal.

-Hit snooze 5 times instead of 10 (baby steps.)

-Read one new book a month. I will stop checking out multiple books at once, starting them all and never finishing them. I will read one book at a time. And when I am done, I'll write about it.

-Discover more music. Write about it.

-See more movies. Write about them.

-Blog weekly. Journal daily.

-Initiate at least one intentional coffee date/brunch/happy hour a week.

-Get people together more. Plan some social events.

-Cook one new recipe a month. Preferably with/for friends. I've only busted my crockpot out once since moving to my house. That is not ok.

-Stop letting facebook/twitter suck away my life. I will only log on once a day for no more than 15 minutes a day. Period.

-Stop watching trash tv. Friday Night Lights is obviously the exception. (but it's no trash, anyway).

-Join a gym.

-Do more Yoga.

-Hold all goals & resolutions with open hands. Give God room to change my plans.


  1. Oh my sweet friend. I have so much to comment on here.

    #1 - Have you read Same Kind of Different As Me? If not, put that on your list in your quest to finish books in 2011. It's an exceptional story.

    #2 - I miss college too. And I'm 27 and have a husband and I still dream about walking around the quad late at night with friends, or last minute coffee dates at Daily Grind, or just eating at Fresh Market. I don't think that feeling will ever go away.

    #3 - I admire you SO much for being so brave and moving across the country all on your own to follow you dream. Even if that dream is not the "norm"...and don't you dare for a second wish you could move to NOVA because that's where everyone else moves. I mean it. You're cooler than that. The Lord has such big plans for your life, and sometimes it's easy to get stuck into feeling like "What in the world am I doing with my life?"...but remember, you are EXACTLY in the place He wants you in. He has you in this place for a reason.

    I love you!! I wish I had lots of time when I'm in Richmond and I could see you, but sadly I'll be out in Powhatan with J's family most the time we're there. Maybe I just need to come visit Seattle? :)

  2. Bah - you are stinkin' amazing. It's actually a GOOD thing that you aren't being pulled along in the current of "what-people-do-at-your-age." It's people like you that set new trends, inspire adventure, and open doors for others to take risks on living a life that is not ordinary.

    I like the resolution to blog more - I miss you and reading your blogs helps.